Kate's Guide to Biker Shorts

Biker shorts are my favorite summer trend in 2019. I can confirm that athleisure is the best thing that has ever happened to us.

This pair of OLD NAVY black biker shorts are slimming, comfortable, and can be paired with every outfit on this post!

From the office, your workout class, drinks with friends, and everything in-between here is how I style biker shorts. Click the pictures to shop!

Look 1: The Office

Biker shorts with your favorite ribbed tank top preferably high neck and a blazer is a put-together, sleek look.

Look 2: Workout Class

I wore these to work and just took off the blazer. Some of my favorite sets are linked below that can ALSO go under a blazer. Honestly, I think anything looks good with a blazer incorporated.

Look 3: Night out with Friends

Yes, you can wear a low heel with biker shorts and this is exactly how you do it.

Pair your shorts with a strappy kitten heel, I have been into the square toe that you can get at zara for relatively cheap . In order to make this look acceptable for rooftop access, its all about the blouse.

Your top should be cropped with a puff sleeve, or oversized with a belt bag. The first photo is for inspo purposes. Here's how you can do it!

The most important piece of information in this article is exactly where to find the best black bike shorts that are flattering, cheap, and great quality…. Old Navy. I am obsessed with mine!


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