Everything You Need To Know About Getting a Spray Tan

This past weekend the girls of DearManhattan decided it was time to add a little glow, especially since the changing season tends to make our skin dull-looking. So this is how we found our new addiction, @LNKbeauty studio! Lauren went to Kate's apartment and gave us the most gorgeous, sun kissed spray tans!

We absolutely love that Lauren is MOBILE with her services. Coming home from a long day of work, the last thing you want to do is go stand in a booth at the tanning salon for 45 minutes which is why Lauren spraying us in the comfort of Kate's home was amazing.

We're both two different skin tones, so Lauren personalized our formulas to give us the perfect amount of bronzed glow based on our needs.

So here's everything you need to know before, during, and after getting a spray tan.


1.EXFOLIATE: Lauren recommended using a LUVSCRUB which is similar to a loofah, but doesn’t harvest bacteria since it lays flat to dry. In regards to the body cleanser, you can use whichever you prefer!

2.SHAVE: It's important to shave at least 24 hours before getting a spray tan. Shaving right before your appointment can cause skin irritation and discomfort.

3.MOISTURIZE: I mean, this is kind of a given!


The whole process was done in literally less than 30 minutes including set up, the actual services, and break down. This makes spray tans from LNK Beauty Studio even more addicting because even with our insanely busy schedules we can still fit in these appointments for a little self care! Lauren walked us through the whole process before hand and knew exactly how to respond to any doubts/questions. She even gave us the option of wearing black bathing suits/underwear or being completely nude, which is great to have depending on personal preference.

Kate's Experience:

Lauren’s technique is what sets it aside from other spray tans I have gotten because I didn’t have orange hands or feet. I am currently 4 days post tan and still glowing!

To all the sensitive skin girls out there, THIS IS THE SPRAY TAN FOR YOU. I was a bit nervous because I am prone to breakouts, eczema, and have the most sensitive skin but I was pleasantly surprised with how smooth and clear my skin looked post spray.

Marilyn's Experience:

I was so nervous to do this! It was my very first spray tan and since I have a darker complexion I was super scared to see what I would look like afterwards. I expressed to Lauren how I felt and she 100% assured me that I would love the after glow. She was so open about the whole tanning process and made me feel more confident in the outcome. I honestly felt so pretty thanks to the tan! I think its so important to trust anyone you let near your skin/body, and I would highly recommend booking LNK.


1.SHOWER 6-8 HOURS AFTER: We loved getting the tan at night because we just went to sleep and showered the next morning before work.

2.MOISTURIZE: Lauren gave us to use S Jolie: Tan Extender because it's PARABEN FREE & 100% VEGAN. Which means no breakouts! Also a big plus it smells like pineapples, which is just yummy.

Thank you so much LNK Beauty Studio for the most easy, convenient, and overall amazing experience! Info on how to book Lauren for at home services can be found on her instagram page: @lnkbeautystudio


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