9-5 Outfit Guide.

First Day of Work Outfit Complications? The majority of our readers have just graduated from college and are off to start their first job (congrats on adulting). If your closet is an 80/20 ratio of cropped tops to blouses then you must read this article. I would love to suggest wearing an oversized blazer every day, but that’s just boring. This week I’m styling 3 simple pieces that can create multiple, versatile looks for your work week!

Silk Skirt

Invest in a good silk skirt like this one from (code x mode), to ensure proper fitting so you feel confident all day. A black skirt is always a staple, but a fun color like bright teal or pink can add a playful element to your outfit.

Oversized Blazer

We all know my love runs deep for oversized blazers. A plaid blazer like this one goes with 90% of your wardrobe and can make any outfit fun when you play with mixing other patterns on your blouse.

FYI Thrift Stores are over-sized blazer heaven!

Wide Leg Trousers

In my opinion, straight-leg trousers like the ones that come in a suit bundle take A LOT of styling to make look cute. Opt-in for a wide leg, high waist pair of trousers, I found boatloads of them at Zara.

Here is your survival kit to surviving your 9-5 (not including pointed-toe mules, and a bottle of chilled wine at your apartment for when you come home from work). Get to work, people!


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