Perfect Your Makeup In Under 20 Minutes

There’s a phrase called “Hispanic time”, which refers to the time a Hispanic person says they will be somewhere and the actual arrival time. I’m definitely not proud of it, but sometimes I go by Hispanic time and it’s what has made me pro at getting my makeup done in under 20 minutes. Therefore, I’m going to share with you my daily hacks and go - to products that make rushed mornings a little easier!


Firstly, I would get a super simple, regular sized makeup bag (Size 3 1/2 x 5 3/4 x 8 1/2 in.) to keep all of your essential products in. Mine was literally $10, but it’s THE bag that contains everything that’ll help me feel pretty. If all of your products don’t comfortably fit, then you have too much. This is not to say that you’re not allowed to use all of the makeup products you have, but if you’re trying to reduce time dedicated to just doing your makeup, less is better.

Essential Products to Keep in THE Bag

I’m no celebrity MUA, but I’m pretty sure the following list is essential for everyone when applying makeup:




Setting Powder

Finishing Spray


Brow Pencil/Powder



3-4 Makeup Brushes

Now, If you want to get a little more fun (and if it fits in the bag) add your contouring palette, eyeshadow or glow kit. I typically include my Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glow palette to give me an extra glow for night time!

The reason I did not include mascara and eyeliner into the list is because these two products can get a little messy and actually slow you down. If one eye comes out better than the other then you have to stop, clean, and start all over. This includes reapplying your foundation and concealer.

Here are all of the products I keep in my makeup bag. I've linked all of them above for you to shop!

NO Rules

Honestly, I get annoyed when people think that there are “rules” to doing your makeup. If there were rules then everyone’s makeup would look exactly the same. Getting your makeup done in a crunched amount of time is all about being practical. For example, just spray your finishing spray on to the brush/sponge rather than running to a sink. If you feel it's easier to apply your foundation using your hands as oppose to the brush (as long as your hands are clean) then do that!! If you find it a bit harder to fill in your eyebrows, like me because I’m a perfectionist, I would do them first. That way if you’re running out of time, you’ll be able to apply everything else a lot quicker. Whatever you find hardest to do, do it first.

So there you have my oh, so intricate guide to perfecting your makeup in under 20 minutes. It’s seriously a super simple and fun way to get it all done and feel your prettiest without arriving too late for that date.

If you have any questions on the specific products I use or would like to see a tutorial let me know!!


Marilyn Anai

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