My Travel Skincare Routine.

I have the travel bug so bad right now but can't do anything about it because I'm working and going to school full time. While traveling through Europe the dry airplane air really took a toll on my skin. Taking a flight every weekend to a new European country was amazing don't get me wrong, but the one downside is that I developed skin issues.

I wanted to share my travel skincare routine for any of you who are studying abroad and may be struggling with this or just need a good travel routine. Taking care of your skin pre and post flight is SO IMPORTANT. Click the underlined words to buy the products I used.



1 day before my flight I would drink about 2 liters of water (for literally .70 cents Portugal is gorgeously cheap). Avoid all salty foods before traveling, you are dehydrated enough don't add salt to the mix. The airplane air sucks all of the moisture out of your skin causing your oil glands to over produce which is what causes PIMPLES.

Exfoliate and Mask

The night before you should exfoliate your face with a gentle natural exfoliant. I had some Portuguese exfoliant so Im not going to link that here but I like St Ives right now.

Sleep in Caudalie Face Lifting Cream for baby soft skin when you wake up.


Mask ON

Let me tell you something.. WEAR YOUR SHEET MASK ON THE PLANE AND GIVE NO FUCKS. Because you are either sitting next to your friend or a random that you will never see again. My favorite sheet mask is Peter Thomas Roth Hydrating and I would put it on as soon as we took off.

If you actually do give some fucks you can use this clear mask by Peter Thomas Roth and nobody will even know. Put it on as soon as you sit down and by the end of the flight it will be fully sunken into your pores.

Avoid the airplane food

Okay SO... All of my flights while in Europe were so cheap they didnt offer food which is a good thing because I probably would've eaten all of it (fabulous self control). But from my research airplane food is proven to cause breakouts and dehydration in your skin.



As soon as you get off that plane you need to RUN to the nearest airplane bathroom and wash your face. So many toxins are trapped on that plane. Cleanse with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil since you have been doing so much to your skin.

Make a trip to the Esthetician

My Portuguese esthetician was my weekly therapy session not gonna lie. Every time I would come home from a trip she would put me in this fish looking mask and we would just talk about literally anything.. Here I am in my Portuguese fish facial. If any of you are traveling go to Melu in Lisbon and tell my girl I miss her.

Address: Rua do Loreto 37, 1200-241 Lisboa, Portugal

Forget about it

Developing acne was really hard on my self esteem especially while in a foreign place, I just wanted to feel pretty. I will never forget this one day in Rome, we were enjoying wine at a cafe and I just lost my mind. I ran to the bathroom and just stared at myself sobbing thinking I can't even look at myself. I felt horrible. I even tried Portuguese accutane for a minute which was just terrible because I was drinking almost everyday. My friends really did help me realize like I'm in the middle of Rome, the acne is temporary and I am wasting time crying in the bathroom over something that isn't even permanent IN ROME?

Thankfully my skin is back to normal now with the help of my dermatologist and new diet. I still find things to complain about (typical Kate)

If anyone has struggled or is struggling with skin problems, the best skill to develop is literally slap some makeup on and do your damn day. Text or email me with questions /comments.. as much as I hate talking about this I also love it because it is just another thing I can say that I overcame.

If you got this far down, you're a real one thanks for reading- xx Kate


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