My Fall Go-To Picks

Photographs by Bonita Rodriguez

Hi! So I know It’s been a while, but I’m finally back with a style guide to get you ready for Fall. The past two weeks I’ve been thinking about what my "go - to" looks should be for the upcoming season. I tend to have an extremely busy schedule (like most college students living in the city) so I was aiming for a minimalistic yet chic look.

I decided that this Fall will definitely consist of oversized sweaters & button downs, lots of denim, and comfortable shoes.

Oversized Sweaters: I know that literally everyone will be wearing sweaters in the fall/winter, BUT what will make your sweater different from everyone else's are the details. I love it when a sweater has different stitching, a loose or ruffled(not pictured) sleeve, and a turtleneck. You can get these kinds of styles for a great price at stores like H&M, Express, and Century 21. I think oversized sweaters are a must in the fall season because it's perfect for that awkward chilly/warm weather.

Denim: One kind of fabric that will NEVER go out of style is denim (I actually vow to NEVER stop wearing denim). It's a necessity, truly!! Also, during the fall is the best time to pair denim with denim, which only makes your outfit picking in the mornings so much easier. Again, since its not really that cold in the fall, wear those ripped jeans you didn't get a chance to wear in the summer due to the excruciating heat in NYC. No matter the style, you can pair denim with anything as pictured on this post.

Comfortable Shoes: Sneakers!!!! There are so many different styles that look super cool and can spice up your entire outfit. My favorite sneaker right now is the Nike Air Max 97. They have so many different colors, so it all depends on your preference. Also, if you have a pair of your favorite booties or heels and can speed walk from work to class in them, then wear them! I definitely have a few shoes that are super easy to walk in and will keep my feet warm for the lower temps.

Oversized Button Downs: I'm obsessed with oversized anything, but oversized button downs... there's something amazing about them. This is the perfect top to get a business casual look without feeling uncomfortable. You can literally eat an entire grandma's pizza pie (which Kate and I do, regularly, on Friday nights) and not feel like a button is going to pop off!! AMAZING. With the button down you can also make it a bit off the shoulder and layer a few necklaces.

So there you have it; my very simple and stylish fall looks. They're seriously super easy to put together and you don't have to spend your entire paycheck if you shop wisely and use pieces that you already have in your closet. I hope this gives you an idea on what you should aim for depending on your own style and preferences.

I'd love to know what you guys think! Would you wear any of these looks? What would you change about them? Lmk!!


Marilyn Anai


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