Beach Babe Survival Guide

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Despite my array of bikini pictures on my Instagram, bikini season is pretty nerve racking for me. Like any girl, I am super self conscious about myself at the beach.

So, I put together my complete beach babe must-haves from hair care, to skin care, and my beach fashion fav's that make me feel cute and confident on and off the beach!


High waisted bikini/LBB

I always have had trouble with my lower stomach, so a high waisted bikini makes me feel very confident. Plus, you can have as many beach margaritas and still not look Shoutout to my bestie for giving me the suit which was $12 on amazon... even better.

Beach Hair

IGK everything. No boring hair.

Before the Beach:

1. On damp hair use a dime size amount of IGK blocked and scrunch into the hair. This product acts as a swim cap and is great for keeping your color treated hair pretty stay on point despite the sun and salt water.

2. Spray IGK No More Blow for a perfectly textured air dry. Cuts blow dry time in half and saves my life every morning.

Home from the beach:

Basically my everyday hair routine. Heres an awkward vid of me doing five minute beach waves.

1. Curl hair with inch and a quarter wand leaving your ends out.

2. Spray IGK Beach Club and comb through hair with your fingers. This product is an absolute must in your beauty cabinet. Smells amazing and adds texture and effortless volume to your hair.

Beach Day Face Beat

Less is More.

Nutregena SPF 30~ Never breaks me out and good for sensitive skin.

Becca Liquid Highlighter~ For when I'm feeling cute I put this on my cheekbones and the tip of my nose for a little glow.

IT cosmetics tinted moisturizer~ If you know me, I have sensitive skin that can breakout from literally anything at anytime. This tinted moisturizer is perfect coverage and NEVER breaks me out.

Eyelash extensions~ Like crack, they are literally addicting. Email me or DM for info on where I get my fabulous lashes!


Straw Bags. Round sunnies.

I am obsessed with this summer's straw bags. I'm actually about to stop at Nordstrom Rack before work today to buy about 7. A square shape adds a sophisticated look, while the round bag gives a fun feeling to your look.

Oversized round sunnies are all the rage. I'll be 100% honest, buy these glasses for no more than 20 dollars because lets be honest who actually keeps a pair of sunnies all summer long.

Happy Beach Day Babes!

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